Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Day, Another Detail

(I picked this picture because I'm wishing it was this warm today)
I contemplated taking the day off today (Work and Wedding). Staying in bed   all day, only getting out to do the essentials (Starnbuck's Runs of course). Staying in my pajamas all day and watching old re runs. 

I must have been dreaming when I made up that plan (...Literally) 

My sweet little puppy, Tuck, decided that today of all days he was going to be a Mommas boy. He woke up at the crack of dawn and wanted me to his playful companion. I will do anything for that little munchkin so there I was half asleep laying on the ground playing fetch. 

About that time I checked my email. Which I had about a MILLION new emails. How does that happen? I usually check my emails before I got to sleep and when I wake up there are usually about 30-40 waiting on me! Who sends work related emails at 3am?  Most of them were good emails...Photographers and Caterers getting back to me :)

After spending my morning with G-mail I decided I should probably head to Montgomery to check on my sweet little Mommy! She had to go to the ER last night because of an ongoing staff infection that she got MONTHS ago from a NAIL place our in Pike Rd (not sure of the name but If I were you I would steer clear of any nail places in that Vicinity)

My mother and I basically bought out the wedding section at Books-A-Million. We are now equipped with every wedding magazine you could think of and ever book that these magazines say are a "must read" for Brides and MOB's to be! SO WATCH OUT! 
Thanks for all the emails regarding my questions yesterday. I've got something fun planned for the guys and about a million new drink ideas!! Y'all are the best! 
I'm still stumped on favors-So keep sending suggestions my way (
Here are tonights questions:
1.) Bathrooms for the Reception. OK, the reception is going to be at my lake house and there are 2 easily accessible bathrooms near where the band will be playing and 2  bathrooms near the food locations. Is that enough? The last thing I would want is for there to be huge lines for the bathroom. There are more bathrooms but they are tucked away in bedrooms...would that be awkward for guests to be going through the bedrooms? Should I rent some portable bathrooms..and by this I DO NOT mean the kind that you find outside of Flora-Bama. They actually make some that are sort of nice (well, as nice as a portable bathroom can get) Or am I completely over thinking this whole restroom idea? Like I said...Another day, Another Detail
These are the nice ones...

I came across this Googling Luxury Portable Toilets...My questions is WHY  and WHO goes to the bathroom like this...and MORE IMPORTANTLY...Why would you have to put this sign up?

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It Takes Two

Today started like any  normal day (to say the least--I guess my days thus far have been anything but normal )

I woke up (at an embarrassingly late hour) Went to the gym (might have stayed there a little too long today...I'm in some major pain...Not to mention I fell off the eliptical twice--But that's nothing new) 
Came home and changed shirts so I wouldnt gross everyone out at the grocery store and then went on my merry way...

BUT what makes this day different from any other is that on my way out of my neighborhood I passed the FedEx Man...Who was supposed to be coming tomorrow but I figgured what the heck-I might as well turn around because my wedding dress COULD just be on that truck. Low and Behold...IT WAS! I followed him all the way back to my house. Pulled in the driveway doing about 40pmh and leaped out of my car. I was standing beside the FedEx Truck grinning from ear to ear (to be completely honest, I think I freaked out the man a little bit) 

Of course I had to inform the FedEx Carrier that he was holding my wedding dress in that box-which was about the time that he realized why I was acting like a 5 year old on Christmas morning. 

Once I took the box into my possession I was dumbfounded--what next? Well I surely was not about to try the dress on alone at my house. So I threw the box in my car and headed to Fairhope so Emily could be with me for the "moment of truth."

Along the way to Fairhope I had the wonderful idea of stopping to grabbing a bottle of Champagne to celebrate this once in a lifetime occasion. 

The lady at the store made my day.

She said, "Guhh, Why you buyzin champagne in da middle uh da day?" (Ok, so it was 12:30 on a Tuesday--What's new) I informed here I was about to try on my wedding dress for the first time and need a little celebratory drink to go along with the occasion. She then said, "Owwwah, So who youz marrin? He from round here? You got any kidz? Oh course I told her all the pertinent information. THEN...OH THEN....She said, "You got a TAIL"? I sat and though to myself...Tail...hum...Tail...what the heck is she talking about? She then motioned something that seemed like a TRAIN...Ohhhhh I said...Yep (although my dress doesnt have a train, I thought it would be easier to just go along with her) She then said "Good cauze its just nots a weddin without a tail." HAhAH!!! WOW!!! TAIL...never going to forget that one!

Got to Emily's (which her condo is Adorable) and tried it on!! 

(Don't even think I'm about to post pictures of the dress...I have to leave some surprises for the wedding :)

It couldn't have fit better if it was made for me....I loved everything about it! 

This whole wedding planning is starting to shape up at last. I got a million responses from people reading the last post and absolutely LOVED some of the photographers! 
 So here are my questions for tonight....

1.) On the wedding day what else is there to do for guys who don't golf. I need a suplimental activity to keep them occupied during the bridesmaids luncheon. I was thinking Tennis and Lunch. PLEASE let me know if you have any great ideas!

2.) Wedding Favors?? Everyone does Koozies and who doesn't love a good coozie or cup but I kind of want something different. Do people even notice/remember you wedding favors? Would love any ideas on this one.

3.) As far as the Adult Beverages are concerned I was thinking Beer and Wine and maybe a few "Signature Cocktails" instead of a full open bar. Anyone have any fun summer cocktails they'd like to share? Or is this idea stupid and I should just have a full bar. 

OK--THE MOST IMPORTANT PART. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen attire...DECISION HAS BEEN MADE.

Are the groomsmen going to hate me or what!! 

The bow ties will be paired with a Navy Blazer or some sort or a light colored suit so it will not be that drastic. Just a perfect little touch! And yes I am so obssesd with the BM dresses that I will have my own personal one to wear on the honeymoon because to be quite honest I was a little jealous that they were going to get to wear them and I was not--PROBLEM SOLVED! 

This whole wedding planning business is starting to come along just wonderfully and at the end of the day the best part of the whole thing is that I get to spend the rest of my life with the most wonderful man ever! It's everything I could have wished for and MORE! 

Mary Kate and Ashley summed up the way I feel just perfectly when they said...


Monday, January 17, 2011

26 Days Down....173 To Go...

WOW...I can't believe we are already 26 days into this. It feels like it was just yesterday that Patrick was nervously breathing behind me ready to pop the Q. while I contemplated the cruel possibility of being  "Iced"  (Smirnoff, that is) in the 20 degree weather or if he was just being super awkward. Turns out there was an engagement ring in that cooler. (in case you didn't hear to proposal story, I'll get to that later). 

I decided it was about time to break down and create a wedding blog after staying on the phone for 6 straight hours telling friends and family the new wedding details today. By the 6th person the story had lost it's luster, not to mention my phone had died twice and my toosh was going numb from sitting in an office chair for that amount of time.

I officially booked the wedding spot today! 
The ceremony will be held at the Children's Chapel located at Children's Harbor on Lake Martin. The reception will immediately follow at my lake house! 

Date: July 9, 2011    (7.9.11 -Three odd numbers in a row...LOVE it and easy to remember)
Time: Ceremony 5:00 pm with reception immediately following. 

I've also booked the band, which I'm super excited about.Thanks to Dobbins Cosby and all the wonderful people who helped me at Music Garden!
We will be having the  Blue Denim Band. One of the band members was from Trotline and broke off to form this band (or at least that's what I was told)
They play a fun mix of Country/Classic Rock/Motown! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes to the's going to be a lot of FUN!

Check out their website

Photographer:Humm...Where to start... I've found a few that I like but has anyone priced photographers lately? I literally LAUGHED today when a lady quoted me $8,000 for the wedding photography package! You've got to be kidding me....That's just insane! If anyone has any recommendations south of the quote I received today please let me know!

Videography: At first I tossed around the idea of not having pictures and just having this really cool videographer from California do the whole wedding but of course "traditions" got in my way. So then I decided that maybe I wouldn't have videography at all (considering my father laughed when I told him that people have their weddings videoed these days) Well looks like we ARE going to have videograpy thanks to a wedding website I read today. "If you're considering not having videography--DO! It captures things cameras can not like the grooms voice as he tearfully says his vows and the congregations reaction." That was all they had to say and I was SOLD. If Patrick is going to be tearfully saying anything, I WANT IT ALL ON CAMERA. Which in reality it will probably be me with mascara running down my face and Patrick laughing at me.

THE DRESS: This might be my favorite story just because it sums my personality up so well. On our recent trip to Canada I was loaded down with about a million Wedding Magazines. I anxiously searched through the pages looking for "The" Wedding dress and low and behold...I FOUND IT. It was in an Amsale add (which Is actually kinda funny because I fell in love with Amsale after seeing Tess wear it in the movie 27 dresses, although the 2 dresses look nothing alike). Anyway I kept looking but all I could think about was that one dress. So what did I do? OH YES...against my better judgment (and my mom's advice) I ORDERED IT. Without having ever tried it or even seen it in person. I knew that wedding dresses tend to run a little small from my previous debutant experiences so I crossed my fingers and orders a size larger than I normally wear. Dress arrives Wednesday...Keep your fingers crossed! 

That's pretty much it for all my wedding planning bliss! I'm hoping to make some final decisions on Bridesmaids/Groomsmen attire tomorrow (Hint: LILLY)