Monday, January 17, 2011

26 Days Down....173 To Go...

WOW...I can't believe we are already 26 days into this. It feels like it was just yesterday that Patrick was nervously breathing behind me ready to pop the Q. while I contemplated the cruel possibility of being  "Iced"  (Smirnoff, that is) in the 20 degree weather or if he was just being super awkward. Turns out there was an engagement ring in that cooler. (in case you didn't hear to proposal story, I'll get to that later). 

I decided it was about time to break down and create a wedding blog after staying on the phone for 6 straight hours telling friends and family the new wedding details today. By the 6th person the story had lost it's luster, not to mention my phone had died twice and my toosh was going numb from sitting in an office chair for that amount of time.

I officially booked the wedding spot today! 
The ceremony will be held at the Children's Chapel located at Children's Harbor on Lake Martin. The reception will immediately follow at my lake house! 

Date: July 9, 2011    (7.9.11 -Three odd numbers in a row...LOVE it and easy to remember)
Time: Ceremony 5:00 pm with reception immediately following. 

I've also booked the band, which I'm super excited about.Thanks to Dobbins Cosby and all the wonderful people who helped me at Music Garden!
We will be having the  Blue Denim Band. One of the band members was from Trotline and broke off to form this band (or at least that's what I was told)
They play a fun mix of Country/Classic Rock/Motown! Make sure to wear comfortable shoes to the's going to be a lot of FUN!

Check out their website

Photographer:Humm...Where to start... I've found a few that I like but has anyone priced photographers lately? I literally LAUGHED today when a lady quoted me $8,000 for the wedding photography package! You've got to be kidding me....That's just insane! If anyone has any recommendations south of the quote I received today please let me know!

Videography: At first I tossed around the idea of not having pictures and just having this really cool videographer from California do the whole wedding but of course "traditions" got in my way. So then I decided that maybe I wouldn't have videography at all (considering my father laughed when I told him that people have their weddings videoed these days) Well looks like we ARE going to have videograpy thanks to a wedding website I read today. "If you're considering not having videography--DO! It captures things cameras can not like the grooms voice as he tearfully says his vows and the congregations reaction." That was all they had to say and I was SOLD. If Patrick is going to be tearfully saying anything, I WANT IT ALL ON CAMERA. Which in reality it will probably be me with mascara running down my face and Patrick laughing at me.

THE DRESS: This might be my favorite story just because it sums my personality up so well. On our recent trip to Canada I was loaded down with about a million Wedding Magazines. I anxiously searched through the pages looking for "The" Wedding dress and low and behold...I FOUND IT. It was in an Amsale add (which Is actually kinda funny because I fell in love with Amsale after seeing Tess wear it in the movie 27 dresses, although the 2 dresses look nothing alike). Anyway I kept looking but all I could think about was that one dress. So what did I do? OH YES...against my better judgment (and my mom's advice) I ORDERED IT. Without having ever tried it or even seen it in person. I knew that wedding dresses tend to run a little small from my previous debutant experiences so I crossed my fingers and orders a size larger than I normally wear. Dress arrives Wednesday...Keep your fingers crossed! 

That's pretty much it for all my wedding planning bliss! I'm hoping to make some final decisions on Bridesmaids/Groomsmen attire tomorrow (Hint: LILLY)



  1. Found your blog on facebook :)
    check out samantha alday for photography. she did my sister's wedding and it was beautiful. i am also planning to use her. i dont know what kind of coverage you will plan to use, but she has lots of options!

  2. Brittany T said robertsons had quoted her like $2'000