Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Another Day, Another Detail

(I picked this picture because I'm wishing it was this warm today)
I contemplated taking the day off today (Work and Wedding). Staying in bed   all day, only getting out to do the essentials (Starnbuck's Runs of course). Staying in my pajamas all day and watching old re runs. 

I must have been dreaming when I made up that plan (...Literally) 

My sweet little puppy, Tuck, decided that today of all days he was going to be a Mommas boy. He woke up at the crack of dawn and wanted me to his playful companion. I will do anything for that little munchkin so there I was half asleep laying on the ground playing fetch. 

About that time I checked my email. Which I had about a MILLION new emails. How does that happen? I usually check my emails before I got to sleep and when I wake up there are usually about 30-40 waiting on me! Who sends work related emails at 3am?  Most of them were good emails...Photographers and Caterers getting back to me :)

After spending my morning with G-mail I decided I should probably head to Montgomery to check on my sweet little Mommy! She had to go to the ER last night because of an ongoing staff infection that she got MONTHS ago from a NAIL place our in Pike Rd (not sure of the name but If I were you I would steer clear of any nail places in that Vicinity)

My mother and I basically bought out the wedding section at Books-A-Million. We are now equipped with every wedding magazine you could think of and ever book that these magazines say are a "must read" for Brides and MOB's to be! SO WATCH OUT! 
Thanks for all the emails regarding my questions yesterday. I've got something fun planned for the guys and about a million new drink ideas!! Y'all are the best! 
I'm still stumped on favors-So keep sending suggestions my way (
Here are tonights questions:
1.) Bathrooms for the Reception. OK, the reception is going to be at my lake house and there are 2 easily accessible bathrooms near where the band will be playing and 2  bathrooms near the food locations. Is that enough? The last thing I would want is for there to be huge lines for the bathroom. There are more bathrooms but they are tucked away in bedrooms...would that be awkward for guests to be going through the bedrooms? Should I rent some portable bathrooms..and by this I DO NOT mean the kind that you find outside of Flora-Bama. They actually make some that are sort of nice (well, as nice as a portable bathroom can get) Or am I completely over thinking this whole restroom idea? Like I said...Another day, Another Detail
These are the nice ones...

I came across this Googling Luxury Portable Toilets...My questions is WHY  and WHO goes to the bathroom like this...and MORE IMPORTANTLY...Why would you have to put this sign up?

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